Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Week 17--The Summer Heats Up

Well, the summer is definately heating up here in Khowst Province, Afghanistan. Our temperatures have been in the 90's, except when the thunderstorms roll through.
We had a big thunderstorm with lightening and hail last week. The hospital survived without any major damage, but a few Soldiers received minor scratches from grape-sized hailstones.

Here's a view from my room, as I cowered in the safety of my "brick and mortar" hootch. It's not very clear, but the storm hit as night fell, and I wasn't willing to go out into the storm to get a better picture!

I felt sorry for those who still live in tents! No injuries were reported, but the next day you could see blue sky through the numerous holes in some tents.

The activity here is heating up also. Check out the following websites to see what's really happening here:


I find more stories about Afghanistan on other news sites besides CNN and FOX News.
It's interesting to be here and see an event first-hand, then read about it online and note the differences in the stories. I noticed the same thing during my time in Iraq. Of course, even participants in the same event have different recollections of that event, so I guess it's not surprising that different news outlets portray the same event differently.

While I'm here I try not to think too much about what I'll do when I get home, at least not yet. That's just too far away at this point. However, I did work with a British unit the other day and I got to ride in a Land Rover Defender again. I didn't get a picture, but I pulled this picture off the web. Of course, I have no logical reason for my affinity for Land Rover Defenders, but I guess passion doesn't necessarily need a reason.
Maybe someday I'll actually get a Defender, but until then, I'll just keep dreaming.

And speaking of passion, one of my interpreters recently brought his motorcycle to work, so of course I had to take a ride. It's not Harley, but since I've been deprived for many months it was nice just to ride for a few minutes!

Finally, I'm happy to report that construction on the new hospital continues on schedule. While I don't think I'll ever see the finished product, I know that someday Coalition casualties will be treated in a clean, dust-free environment, which will be a tremendous blessing for all. As I watch the construction I enjoy seeing the variety of vehicles and equipment used by the local contractors. This cement truck caught my eye, and I immediately named it the Barbie Cement Mixer.

As always, thanks for your prayers and support. The days here are getting long, and the weeks and months stretch out ahead of us like a long road. Maybe looking back it will seem shorter, but for now it seems a long, long time until I'll be back home.

Phillips Out.


David M said...

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A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Maverick said...

Thanks for your wonderful updates again! Stay Safe and may no more hail stones come your way! I defiently understand the "Barbie Mixer" that's PINK and PURPLE! Thanks Again!

Rejenia said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date. I started receiving daily email updates from BBC several years ago,to keep up to date with international news. I work for an international non-profit, and it was the best way to keep up with events in our African contact countries. thanks for the Al ja... website. You are so right about getting other opinions. During NCAA Division I baseball playoffs I love to stream the opposing teams radio play by play to see what they have to say about TEXAS. Today is definately cycling weather in central Texas. Proud of all your work, and again thanks for keeping us updated.

Know you are surrounded by prayers, and gratitude for your service.

Anonymous said...

Do we need to send you a case of "duck" tape so you will know to stay out of hail?
Take care of yourself. Keep having fun, even in an un-fun situation.

sealover21 said...

Hi Rich! I am trying to fix dad and lola's blog connection. We love you very much!

dadinwarnerobins said...

I am now working on dad's connection. The boys have properly cut dad's grass and trimmed his bushes. We love you very much!

RevrdMark said...

Hey good to see ya on a motorcycle friend. I think traffic might be easier to handle if I hold an automatic weapon on the handlebars on the way to work. I think about you and pray for ya' often. Good to see ya are safe

Margo said...

Thinking of you as Suescun is on his way home. I know that it is hard on you to have friends go home. I appreciate your work as a doctor there, and your posts on the blog. Thank you.

karengodawgs said...

My third grade class prays for you often and keeps you in our discussions weekly. Taylor's dad is somewhere in Afghanistan too. Godd blss you all.

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