Friday, 8 June 2007

Week 20--Groundhog Day, Again.

I guess I'm not the most consistent blogger, and that must be frustrating for some of you. Around here every day is Groundhog Day; the days all run together with nothing to break up the monotony. It makes it hard to find things to write about.
Even with all the trauma we have seen lately, it all runs together. After nearly five months it all runs together; the patients, the traumas, the wounds, the surgeries, the days, the weeks, the months...

So, to mark the passage of time I've been documenting the progress on the new hospital and the new "brick and mortar" building being constructed near my TOC (Tactical Operation Center). As I've said before, it's facinating to watch the construction, particularly since they use only the most basic tools. I've never been good with tools or construction, but I'm facinated by those who can build and create using wood and stone and tools.

I can't even imagine what we pay these "local national" workers, but it can't be much. And yet, it must be a good, living wage because there is no shortage of laborers for all the construction going on here at the FOB.

I thought it was interesting to see how they braced the door frame. When using brick and mortar construction it's important to ensure things "set" before they are required to bear weight.

And the new hospital continues to rise, right before our eyes. The latest developments; door frames.

It will be nice to work indoors, someday. I don't think I'll be here to see it, but it will be a great blessing to those who follow me in this mission.

I saw this Jingle water buffalo at the construction site and just had to take a picture. It reminded me of the painted houses in Bavaria. It seems a thousand years since I wandered the beautiful streets of Garmisch and Oberammergau. Jingle water buffalos just don't compare, now that I think about it.

I don't know why they paint things around here, but it is quite common. I've seen "Jingle" trucks, cars, wagons, carts, water trailers...I've even seen a Jingle Rifle. I guess it is a reaction to the otherwise drab surroundings and difficult life they live here.

But through all the monotony and trauma, we continue to save and change lives. This child was hit by sharapnel and brought to our hospital. He's doing better now, but he's been touch and go for almost three weeks. Patients like this are emotionally draining and satisfying at the same time.

Not the most interesting post, but a reflection of the monotony of my life here on the FOB. it is truly hours and days of boredom, punctuated by moments of terror and pain and fear.

I'll try to blog more regularly.

Phillips, out.


Rejenia said...

Keep blogging, we do appreciate it. The news you provide IS interesting, and hopeful. You're right good construction is a sight to see. I did a double take when I saw BEVO resting on the child's pillow. Such a sweet picture. you and your skill at mending bodies and hearts is just as much an envied skill. by the way I have BEVO resting beside my monitor. He used to sit upon my monitor, but he kept losing his grip on these flat screens.

mikentexas said...

Ditto that sentiment. Please keep blogging. This is all the news I get on your little spot of the world and I appreciate every bit of it.

Katrina Reid said...

My hubby said you got him coined by someone pretty hugh up there. Thanks for that. It's so great to hear from him in such high spirits. I'm sure his life is the same as yours it makes it difficult to hear but explains why when we talk he doesn't talk about his day and only wants to hear about mine. So thanks for your blog even if it seems like you're saying nothing it means something over here. Hang in there! I have a really nice picture of Garmish maybe I'll send it to him and if your ever around the Med Maint shop it'll cheer you up.

David M said...

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