Monday, 24 September 2007

At the Outer Limits of Afghanistan . . .

There is no need to adjust your set,
we control the vertical,
we control the horizontal . . .

While LTC Phillips waits for inspiration, Sergeants of FOB Salerno Hospital have taken matters into their own hands . . .

The Sergeants of FOB Salerno Hospital are here:

Msg Lisa A. Baker
S Sgt Christiana Webbs
1 Sgt David Child
SFC Mike Fields

Well, they say SFC Mike Fields is there with them, appears to be more of a phantom, or he can’t/won’t test post.

David S Child, 1SG USAR 396th CSH(FWD), Reserve Soldier
Vancouver, WA

1 Sgt David Childs is the Senior NCO on the ground.
He’s the one whose job it is to make things happen. . . (Note --- and he did)
Middle School Science Teacher Portland, OR
Married with 4 kids, 3 girls 8, 6, 4, and a boy 1 ½ old.
Enjoys biking and hiking as a family.

Lisa A. Baker, MSgt, USAF Langley AFB, VA
Hometown; Montgomery, Alabama

She has been deployed to FOB Salerno for 3 weeks. This deployment has truly been different from last year’s deployment to Balad, Iraq.
It took her 13 days to get from Langley AFB to her final destination.
Describes FOB Salerno as nice, surrounded by mountains with hardened living spaces. They have 5-6 living in a hooch.
Counts it a big bonus that they have modern bathrooms.
Reminds us that there is a mix of Air Force and Army serving there. “They all are a very good bunch of people to work with. Right now it’s not very busy here which is good, meaning that the bad guys are somewhat under control.”

Christina Webbs, SSgt stationed at Keeesler AFB,
MS Originally from a small town Newton, MS which is three hours away from Keesler

SSgt Webbs is the proud mother of five-year-old Gabriel – and says he is the best thing that ever happened to her.
Works in the TOC at Salerno, monitoring their computers.
Has four brothers and sisters, and is very family oriented.
Loves where she’s at and what she does.

Mike Fields, SFC stationed in Spokane, WA
396th Combat Support Hospital, Reserve Soldier

Firefighter in Civilian world
Just had baby boy in May,
Has three other children
1SG Child says “Great all around guy . . .

Wait a minute, searching through pictures. . .

LTC labeled this
David and Fred.

Could it be . . . ?
David not typing a test post !

We return the control of your browser . . .
Check back for the Sergeants posts


Amber Reynolds said...

It's so fun to meet more of the people that my husband spends all of his time with. I hope things continue to be calm. Thanks for the update. :)

David M said...

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A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

Margo said...

Thanks for stepping in y'all! I am glad to hear that it is slow! As mom of one who sometimes is traveling the roads over there.. I like to hear that it is slow!!

Katrina Reid said...

Welcome to the FOB, hope you have a good tour!

CRYSTAL said...

Hello Everyone!!
SSgt C Delvalle here, it was such a pleasure and an honor working and learning with all of you. I hope all is well and I plan on keeping up with you all through this blog. I miss you guys!!! Take Care

mikentexas said...

Glad you all are contributing to the blog. It helps round out our view of what you all are enduring. Keep an eye on my little bro (the LTC). He is very precious to us,as are all of you.

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