Sunday, 6 January 2008

Videos . . . The ABSOLUTELY Last FOB Salerno Hospital Post

FOB Salerno Hospital Construction


Aileen said...

Thank you Col. Phillips, for taking the time to share your experiences in FOB Salerno. Especially the video of the new hospital. My husband is expected to deploy later this year to FOB Salerno and so it helps to know what he is going to experience. I will share this site with the other spouses.
Be safe in your travels.

Leta said...

I can't imagine how proud you and your team must be for this great accomplishment. Well done! Loved the opportunity to watch the progress via the video. Most definitely a JOB WELL DONE!

Katrina Reid said...

Hooah! Looks like a wonderful facility! I'm going to save that one! Someday when Wes is an old man he can show is grandkids part of what he did for Afghanistan. Way to rock it out to Journey too! Thanks so much. Katrina out! Ha ha

Long Tran said...

Hi, Col. Phillips. This is Sgt Tran from the 48th CSH unit. Im in replacement co. in camp shelby at this time till the 23rd. But I have been gathering pictures with my unit for the website. And I will post blogs as soon as get into country. My blog is I appreciate your blog its really nice to see what going on over there. Especially them already over there and Im still here. I feel very lucky that we get to work in the new hospital that and 14th and 396th has managed to build for us.

Haole Wahine said...

Sgt. Tran,
We'll be looking forward to keeping up with the continueing success of Salerno, through your blog. Feel free to use my email (by clicking on my blog name on this comment), if there is any technical help we can give you. It has been an interesting, challenging blog technical year.

Gratitude and prayers for all the 48th CSH and your families.

BrianFH said...

Hey, not tea bags! Never seen a "Hopsital" before, much less one with so many lapsed times! ;)

Haole Wahine said...

What can you expect from a civilian?



Anonymous said...

Dear LTC Phillips,
We continue to pray for you and those with whom you serve in your new post. Through keeping up with our niece, Catie Cejka, we found your blog. We have read, looked, prayed and appreciated all! New to blogging, we asked Catie to express our appreciation to you.We have kept Catie's grandmother informed, too.
As an Army family - Vietnam and Iran for Catie's Uncle Bob, Baghdad for our son, her cousin - we are very aware of what you all are doing! The blogs (what a change from our deployment experiences) are fascinating and keep us close to what is happening.
Please know we continue to keep you, Catie, those with whom you serve, your patients and PEACE for all foremost in our prayers.
We'll continue to watch the blogs and thank you for taking the time to keep us so well informed, in touch and aware.
A recent news report on NBC National News covered a doctor at Madigan Army Medical Center who is educating doctors about the children whose parents are deployed. His closing remark was,"If you want to do something for the troops, help a military child." We hope lots of people will hear and do so.
Gratefully and with many prayers,
Bob and Doris Smith (Catie's uncle and aunt)

thebigbanana said...

I am in Mr. Child 8th period class. He showed us this video on thrusday. I was wondering if i could put the video on youtube for the rest of the school to see.

Haole Wahine said...


Technically, the video is public property, once published; but I appreciate your request.

Since, he is a teacher, I only think it right that Mr. (Top Sgt) Child, should have the final say on posting it for "the rest of the school to see".

I would love for lots and lots of people to see what was accomplished at FOB Salerno Hospital. It is amazing to see the hard walled hospital being used now, and to remember the pictures and tales of "the big tent" hospital.

Give "TOP" my regards, and with his permission, I think it would be great for the rest of the school to see the video.

America is blessed to have such men as Mr. Child, and we will never be able to fully repay them or their families for their service and the sacrifices they have made. Your teacher has been a wonderful part of Operation Enduring Freedom, and has left a great legacy for Afghanistan. The hospital at FOB Salerno not only treats our wounded warriors, but treats local Afghan people; and has gone a long long way in securing the trust of the Afghan people.

Haole Wahine
You can click on my user name, and email me directly.

richard said...

Nice to see the construction pics. That's where my son is going to be working, on loan to the Army from the USAF. Hopefully he can send us some pics of the hospital in action to follow along from the construction pictures.

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Col.

This video has provided immediate comfort to our family upon learning that our brother was wounded while protecting FOB Salerno. Left with our own imagination, we would have never believed such a wonderful facility existed.

For his protection I must remain anonymous.

God Bless You,
18 Alpha

Anonymous said...

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