Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan!

I'm back. Back in Afghanistan and back on the blog. I hope I can use this to keep in touch with my friends and family and let them know how I am doing, and how all our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines are doing here in Afghanistan.

My "home" this time is Bagram Air Base, a huge, dusty and crowded base north of Kabul.

Here are a few pictures of my new "home".


Well, uploading pictures is not going well tonight. I will try again in the middle of the night when there is more bandwidth available (at least that's what my friends in communications tell me. bandwidth must be affected by daylight.)

That is one of the frustrating things about being here, good internet is hard to come by. You would think that after 8 years here in Afghanistan we would at least have good internet at all the bases, or at least all the large bases. But no, I pay an high price to an Indian company for mediocre internet. :-(

I will try to not complain too much. Many of our forces here live in much more austere conditions than we do here at BAF. Living in a tent is still the norm; it is rare to live in a regular building. One step up from a tent is a containerized housing unit (CHU) and at the top of the housing food chain is Afghanistan is a concrete building.

Well, at least for now I can tell you that I am back in Afghanistan and back on the blog. As before, I will try to let you see Afghanistan through my eyes. I will shy away from politics as much as I can, and of course I will always keep operational security in mind when I post.

To my friends and family and readers, I thank you for your support and prayers.

Phillips, out.