Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Life on base


Well, 1 May has come and gone and all the local vendor shops are CLOSED!
And Subway, Popeyes, Burger King and Pizza Hut are CLOSED!
At least here on BAF. I don't know what is happening on other FOBs but this mostly affects BAF, Kandahar and Salerno.

The lines at the dining facilities are longer, but Soldiers are probably already saving money and losing fat. Personally, I tried to avoid the fast food places anyway and it has helped me with both; saving money and losing weight. :-)

I was not consulted on this decision (I'm not consulted on any, really) but it seems like a good thing. Less amenities makes more room for more Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines to do the work. And we definitely need more room, at least here on BAF!

Thankfully, they did not cut to the bone. We still have the PX, and the internet provider and Green Beans Coffee (a local coffee shop in the deployed areas, I sure wish I had thought of the idea).

Life on this deployment is different for me. I'm dealing with issues at a higher level. I'm more removed from the action but I'm learning a lot and I'm busy every day. But for me, I'd rather be closer to the action. Maybe on my next tour...

Well, my posts are shorter, and not really very deep. But hopefully they shed some light on life in Afghanistan. I really miss home, and my family, but I like being here and being part of this mission.

Thanks for all you do to support the troops. I see it every day, at the USO, at the chapel and in individual units. Keep up the good work!

Phillips, out.


Kanani said...

Sorry they didn't consult you! I guess you were unavailable! ;)
It's a good thing. When I think of a combat zone, I don't think of fast food places. And isn't this a chance, perhaps, to get to know some local foods?

Chris Watson said...

Having just come back from BAF, I can say that this was a very wrong move since the chow hall food just gets redundant - not to mention it downright sucks sometimes - and that Pizza Hut and Popeyes were a way to get some gustatory relief.

Bad move here sicne it affects the civvies (who are the majority of folks there) more than the military.

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