Thursday, 27 December 2007

FOB Lagman

Well, I've finally arrived at FOB Lagman. Like most FOBs here in Afghanistan, it's named for a fallen hero, in this case, Army Staff Sergeant Anthony S. Lagman, who was killed March 18, 2004.
To read more about SSG Lagman, and any of our other fallen heroes, check out this link:

FOB Lagman is not much to look at. It's like a refugee camp with a really big landing zone for helicopters.
I've been to several places in Afghanistan in the past two weeks; Salerno, BAF, KAF, FOB Apache and now FOB Lagman. It's important to note that we have Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines living all over Afghanistan, Iraq, the Horn of Africa and other less known places. These service men and women live in a variety of conditions, from luxurious to primitive and everywhere in between.

For some of us the decision is what dining facility to choose for this meal; European, North American or local national quisine.
For some of us the decision is warm shower, or another meal in the (one) dining facility. You can't have both because hot water runs out quickly, right around chow time, so you can get one or the other.

Amazingly, a Soldier's happiness with the deployment is not dependent upon which of the two extremes he or she has for living conditions. Some are perfectly happy at the austere locations, while others are miserable in a luxurious location. The difference between happiness and misery is much more dependent upon the job, the chain of command and the working conditions. I've seen happiness and misery at both locations, and I've personally been happy at Salerno and now Lagman, because at both locations I've had a job I enjoyed and good people to work with.
DFAC named for PFC Mykel F. Miller
Killed in Action September 6, 2007

Christmas decorations at the DFAC, FOB Lagman, Afghanistan

Fireplace (fake) and hearth in the DFAC


Haole Wahine said...

thanks for the updates, Phillips. You're spoiling us, and we're loving it.

Gratitude and Prayers for all our wonderful service personnel, where ever they are serving

Leta said...

Wish we could bottle your spirit and spread it around to the American public. If I hear ONE MORE child whine because they didn't get a Wii for Christmas I think I'll probably end up in hand cuffs.

I find that most military personnel I've been in contact with share your feelings. Make the best of what you have. As always you all continue to amaze me with your tenacity, patience, kindness, selflessness and professionalism.

Anonymous said...

Looks like FOB Lagman has come along way, I used to be in A co. 2-22 inf we secured that place and started building it while running patrols. All it was at first was a mud hut some concertina wire and Humvees on the perimeter for security, I remember being out there for a few days shy of one month with out a shower, gives me great memories even though it sounds like it sucked. Best of luck to you all out there.

Haole Wahine said...


Thanks for your service, and your comment.

I marvel at the changes in the COPs, and Ops. The FOB's, we thought had become down right civilized. Then, the new round of attacks began.

Thanks for all of you who were "the first". You led the way, and now those filling your footprints are building on your work.

It's getting busy and crowded.

Anonymous said...

i was in fob lagman with a romanian batallion 1n 2006

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