Monday, 8 October 2007

Be Proud and Support These Fellow Americans . . .

It’s been a month now at FOB Salerno.

There have been good days and bad days.

The worst day by far was the day of a “Fallen Hero”. He was one of ours. Maybe a brother, father, husband; but definitely a son and a Hero. All day long all I could do was think about the pain that his loves must have gone through.

It was just one year ago that I was at Balad, Iraq working in the ICU. I saw so many injured.

Before leaving for Iraq I knew from watching the news, we (the military) were doing an awesome job. But there was also injuries and casualties.

After seeing first hand and up close, the picture was 90% bigger.

Now that I’m at FOB Salerno Afghanistan, the same holds true.

I see our brave Heroes (men, women, military, and civilians) going out everyday putting their lives on the line.

Be proud and support these fellow Americans.

Lisa Baker, MSgt, USAF


Haole: I put MSgt. Baker on the spot,
When I asked her how can we show support for these American Warriors.

" I'm not really sure. emails and letters are great. I know when I read an email and someone is saying how proud they are of us for putting our lives on the line; I get this warm feeling inside. I guess just hearing and seeing it (US pride).

Some people seem to have forgotten that we are still at war. "


Haole: It's the beginning of the week. Send off that quick email/letter you've been meaning to send to a warrior.

"I want you to know there is one American in Central Texas grateful for the sacrifices you and your family have endured for our country.

Gratitude and prayers

Haole Wahine"



margo said...

Thank you for being there! It does seem that maybe you might get a bit more than your share of action. Your family understands that you ARE one of those heros that puts your life in danger daily. Thank you!

David M said...

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Hope said...

We keep a box here at the house next to our family altar...painfully Catholic I know, but humor me for a moment. As I have been blogging and visiting all these wonderful milblogs for the last few months I was afraid to miss names that might need prayer or just simple rembrance each day so to insure that I don't forget, I have taken to writing servicemens names on a slip of paper and tucking them into a prayer boax next to our famly crucifix and a small statue of St. Michael, defender of heaven.
You are not forgotten here.

Anonymous said...

To all of the Med team at FOB Salerno,

Just wanted you all to know that there is no way in hades that we could forget you all. YOU are our fathers, brothers, sons, mothers, sisters, daughters, and all the rest of the kin. Please know that you are in our thoughts, prayers and heart each and every second of the days you are gone from home. Thank You for all that you guys are doing.

Ky Woman

Anonymous said...




























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