Saturday, 27 October 2007

Heeere’s SSgt Morris (another TEXAN)

LTC Phillips drafted, oops, requested another Sgt to the blog.

I will encourage, bribe, cajole, pester, beg the staff of Salerno Hospital, to send updates through LTC Phillips to the blog.
There is no limit to the amount of space we can fill. Hint. Hint. Oh kind Father figure, ever inspiring us to loftier heights. . .
Top, ask Father to come back, soon. Mike's being mean again. : (


My name is SSgt Brien Morris and LTC Phillips asked me to prepare a post for the blog. I'm not really familiar with blogging but here goes.

I'm 29 years old and originally from the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!! (San Antonio to be exact).
I am currently stationed at Langley AFB in Hampton, VA, and have been there for almost 8 years (way too long!).
My first assignment was Vance AFB in Enid, OK. As most people know, Texans don't care to much for Oklahoma so I got out of there as soon as possible. After my stay in Oklahoma, I went to Osan AB in South Korea, and then I was sent to Langley.
I have had a number of deployments including Prince Sultan AB in Saudi Arabia, Incirlik AB in Turkey, Al Udeid AB in Qatar, Tallil AB in Iraq and I am currently at Camp Salerno in Afghanistan. So, this deployment is not my first rodeo.
I am a medic by training, but I am doing more of an administration job here. I work the night shift. So, I’m up when those of you in the states are awake. I am the only one here at night so I can get a lot of studying done. In the Air Force we take a test to be promoted, so that is what I have been studying. I have no problem being bored and having uneventful shifts. If we are busy, that means something bad happened. I do get bored here at night sometimes since most everyone else is sleeping. I try to get up early in the afternoon so I have some time to hang out with people.
I am single and don't have any kids so I really don't mind deploying. It's a chance to get out and see different parts of the world and experience things that most people don't. I have also met some great people and formed some strong bonds over the years. I suppose it would be different if I had a family, but since it’s just me I am enjoying the experience.
I am from a military family so this is really nothing new to me. My dad served for 20 years. I have one brother named Sammy Morris who is a running back for the New England Patriots. This is Sammy’s first year with the Patriots. He spent 4 years in Buffalo and 3 years in Miami.
It was kind of tough because I left for Afghanistan right before the season started, but the Patriots front office sends me copies of all the games. If they keep on playing the way they are and we don't get extended here, I should be home for the Super-bowl. I am not a Cowboys fan. I have never liked them. I grew up as an Oilers fan but they moved to Tennessee and it just isn’t the same.
One of the Dr.’s, here, graduated from Texas A&M and we were going to bet on the game against Texas Tech but he was scared. Good thing he didn't because he would have had to shave his head. We did bet on the Cowboys / Patriots game. If Dallas won, I would have to shave my moustache, if the Patriots won, he would have to grow a moustache. He is now growing a mustache (Go Patriots). I told him it is good he didn't bet on the A&M game, because he would have been bald headed with a moustache and I don't think that would have been a good look for him.
As I sat here, just typing and I thought to myself: My only concern coming here was missing a football season, where most people have wives / husbands and children they won’t see for the next --- However many months. I have a mother, father, brother, nieces, nephews etc, but I don't see them everyday any way; so, it’s pretty much the same except when I call now it’s from half way around the world.
It would be great to have a #2 with cheese from Whataburger and a large big red, or some Taco Cabana. But, all things considered I guess it’s not too bad.

SSgt Brien Morris


SSG Ronald Payne said...

Many of us former rotation types (ie. the 14th CSH) would like to see updates on the contruction of the new hospital and how the Brick Clinic is doing.

tankerbabelc said...

Oh SSgt Morris ~ be careful what you "wish" for. I've never done the vac pac routine on a #2 with cheese from Whataburger but am ALWAYS up for a challenge. Say it again and I fear I'll not be able to restrain myself. Haole Wahine will vouch for me on that.

Last year I supported some helo mechanics from Idaho that were at Salerno. They, too, worked the night shift but seemed to be a bit busier that you. Thankfully they were working on the helos. As you said, if you are busy that's not such a good thing. I'm THRILLED to hear you have time to study. Hopefully you'll have so much time to study you'll make a perfect score - no pressure!!!

I also supported the 10th Mtn in Kunar Province. They left in May so I picked up some of the 2/503 men. Now HW and I along with a LOT of our friends have taken on the whole darn Battalion. We can't do enough for ANY of you all but we try. Anyway, one of the men with the 10th Mtn had the night shift and it was ALWAYS good to get an email from him at night. I knew things were "quiet". Quiet in Kunar province is a GOOD thing.

Prayers are said every night for all of you. Prayers for your safety as well as prayers of thanks for each of you. Our nation is so blessed to have men and women such as you who sacrifice so much on our behalf. Saying thank you is hardly enough but it is heart felt.

Haole Wahine said...

SSG Payne, thanks for stopping by the blog. I can hear TOP saying now, BUT I SENT PICTURES OF THE NEW CONSTRUCTION.

And he did !

I'm hoping inspiration (BECAUSE I KNOW THERE ARE PICTURES, NOW) will strike LTC Phillips soon after his return, and there will be a post especially about the constuction.

There's drywall and everything.

Keep the requests coming, who knows what may happen when We return the control of this blog.

HouTexan said...

Hey There Ssgt Morris,

This is Jesus Rios in the Heart of Texas saying I'll get ya that Whataburger and drink tonight, it sure will go down nice. When I was out of the states for a year I remember having Whataburger withdrawals in dreams...ah its so good and I hope you can get home to Tejas to enjoy some. Tell your brother and family my prayers are out to them and yourself. But the Texans would beat the Pats if it ever came to it!!!

God bless,

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 10/26/2007 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

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