Friday, 12 October 2007

Caring for the BEST . . .


It is a privilege to fill in and put together a guest blog.

The Boss . . .

I am 1SG Child, COL Phillips right hand man who makes things happen and takes care of the day to day business of running the hospital. I refer to COL Phillips as the Boss since he is my direct supervisor. The Boss is the father of the group while I (his 1SG) take on the role of the mother of the group taking care of Soldiers and Airmen's needs. It is a full time job and I am happy to be here in Afghanistan doing my trained job.

Our Hospital's primary mission is to perform Combat Surgical Trauma.

Soldiers and Airmen perform their military occupation specialty -- saving lives. They learn about the day to day rigors of serving in a combat zone. I am in a unique position to observe and train different groups that come and go.

When a new rotation of Soldiers and Airmen come into the Hospital it is like the 1st day of school. There is a learning curve and after about a month they learn what their battle rhythm is and they get better at saving lives.

In our off duty time we train so we will keep sharp and stay busy.

After a few more months its time for them to leave and then we start all over again.

So instead of having just one “1st day of school”, we get to have lots of 1st days.

A new 1st day with each new rotation, that run into months for us.

We do have some continuity with the Army folks who stay here for the duration.

I think each time we start over we get better and better at this.

Combined Joint Hospital Staff



I feel it is an honor to serve with such outstanding Soldiers and Airmen of the Salerno Hospital in Afghanistan. I have seen all of our staff in action and they are truly living up to our hospital motto of "Caring for the Best," saving American, Coalition, and Afghani lives.

COL Richard Phillips, "The Boss", is the glue that holds everything together.

Hurry up and get home Father… (Your children miss you.)


1SG David S. Child
Salerno Hospital
Task Force MED
FOB Salerno
CJTF-82 / 82nd ABN



Katrina Reid said...

Now it makes sense I wasn't aware he was gone. Thanks for blogging for us TOP. It's nice to see you got some pics of my hubby working I was beginning to wonder, J/K! Thanks again and stay safe!

mikentexas said...

None of you are forgotten, at least by those of us who have friends and family members over there. You will never realize just how important the things you do are.

Thanks for your service.

David M said...

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A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

David Stansel-Garner said...

I just stumbled on this blog tonight when someone asked where in Afghanistan my little brother was posted to.

Low and behold there he is in the medevac pictures (foreground heading to the Helicopter, rear left heading away)!

Thanks for giving me a little picture of what its like there since lord knows Topher hasn't learned how to email while he's been deployed.

-David Stansel-Garner

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